Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you grow?

A: Currently we have apples, peaches and berries in the ground.  We planted 500 new apple and peach trees this year with a lot of new varieties that weren’t available the last time the orchard was planted. Our young peach trees should be ready to produce peaches in 2022.  About 100 of our apple trees will be producing apples 2024.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: Dogs are welcome on the top of the hill at the orchard. Due to health codes they are not allowed in the store or the actual orchard. Please pick up after your dog. If you need a bag please let us know.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, we accept Visa, MC and American Express as well as cash and checks.  

Q: When will you open?

A: Our 2022 opening date is June 2

Q: Do you allow smoking?

A: We are a smoke free establishment for the health of our entire property please put your cigarettes and vape products away.  

Q: Do you allow photography?

A: Yes! Please see our Photo Sessions page

When you visit the orchard. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes or boots.  We are a working farm and flipflops or anything with a heel is not the best choice of footwear for wandering the groves.  
  • Wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty. 
  • Wear sunscreen. 
  • Safety is of paramount importance at any event or activity at Breeden’s Orchard.   Swimming, wading, boating and fishing are not permitted in the pond.  Climbing on trees is strictly prohibited and you will be asked to leave the property.  Also, please be aware of signage that explains where you can or cannot go on the property.  Certain areas may be off limits due to plants or trees needing alone time to flourish.  
  • Please do not pick un-ripened fruit off the trees, or squeeze and bruise it. We know how much fun it is to play baseball with fruit, but would like to ask that you kindly refrain from doing so.
  • Although we do not have any bee hives on the property at this time, there are bees doing their job. Individuals allergic to bee stings should have on their person an up-to-date EPI-Pen.

You Pick Availability:

We are an older orchard and over the next few years, with replanting and tender care, we hope to be able to offer You Pick days for our apples, berries and peaches.  You Pick days will be posted on our event pages or social media as they become available.  (Mother nature is in charge here).  All You Pick visitors will need to sign a waiver.