Big, yellow, juicy and sweet... Our Intrepids are ripe.

This week (July 13th to 19th) we will be open Thursday 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm and Saturday 8 am to 11 am.  See the Events page for You Pick reservations or just stop by for curbside shopping.  We are hoping to have more local produce and possibly a few vendors so check out our social media.

IIn researching how other farm operations are running You Pick, we have decided to offer reservations for our peach You Pick this summer.  We have a limited number of spots at each time to keep a limited number of guests in the grove at any time.  Please be conscientious of other pickers…basically give one another space.  In this whole new world of social distancing, masks and sanitizer we are trying to follow scientific advice as well as numerous farm organizations suggestions.  Please wear a mask until you are actually in the grove picking.   Please wear one around our staff or in any covered areas and keep a distance of at least 6 feet between your group and any other pickers.

Please park where directed.  Please wear closed toe shoes such as boots or sneakers.  Please wear sunscreen.  Please bring your own container for picking if you have one.  We will have peach picking advisors, a glorious name for our kids… to help with peach picking or transportation at the orchard.

You Pick Rules: Your feet must stay on the ground.  No ladders or implements to climb trees allowed.  Beware of bees.  Do not just toss your unwanted fruit.  We will take any and all ugly fruit.

You pick is $1.50 a pound.


Well that was then and this is now… April 29th 3:30 am I got that punch to the stomach when the doorbell rang in the middle of the night.  Of course it was bad news… but since my mind went to a very dark place, to hear that the orchard was on fire was actually a step up.  I told my husband on the ride to the orchard that as long as we had peaches on the trees we would be ok. 

Fire is the great neutralizer. You see it in the movies and in pictures, but when it’s yours, you understand that on whole different level.    It took Chad’s work of heart and charred, bent and reduced it to soot. Telling Chad, Max and Wendy was going to be the hardest part.   I broke them that day.  Chad put everything into that building.  Max loves the orchard like I didn’t know that anyone but me could.  And Wendy, who we bullied into leaving layabout status, well… she cried.  Side note… I am the one who cries.. not Wendy.  Wendy is strong, fierce and powerful.  

Later that day we cried with Miss Marynell, Michelle and Aspen.  It may be our place now but it was theirs first and it still bares their name.   

The next morning, I sat in the parking lot and started to build my vision of the future of the orchard and my playlist.  I mean it is Nashville, right, so we need the right songs. Our vision for the future includes all of you.   

All the plans, all the work, all the lists for 2020… up in smoke.  

So, just like when your mind starts to wander while meditating.  We begin again.  

So 2020, we call your bluff.  We’re upping the stakes.  We got this.  You just watch.