The Little Tree That Hopefully Can.

The Little Tree That Hopefully Can.

So, this is one of five Mollie’s Delicious apple trees at the Orchard.  If it gives us apples, it should be an early apple that is pinkish red on the outside with a “pleasant taste” on the inside.  It’s a mix of Golden delicious, and Red Gravenstein.  It originated in the US.

It is supposed to be great for baking and eating and can store under refrigeration for up to 10 weeks.

So, that’s all the details that I have been trying to learn about what we got.
But at the end of the day, I have named this tree the “little tree that hopefully can”.  Because seriously, look at her.  She looks, old and haggard.  Can she do it?  I don’t know, I don’t have a clue.  I mean we bought an orchard and I love peaches and apples but I have no idea if this tree can “do it”.  So, I guess, we follow her on her journey this year.  In 2017, she wasn’t pruned or sprayed or anything.  In February of 2018, she was pruned.  She will be sprayed shortly.  And then we shall see.  I’ll keep you all posted because to be honest, I’m rooting for her.  I really hope I get an apple from her, and can savor the taste and maybe bake some yummy apple treats with her fruits. Fingers crossed.

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