Raised Beds and Berries.

Raised Beds and Berries.

Won an auction last night for cedar planks!  that means that our raised beds for our future blackberry and blueberry patch fit into the building plan for this year.  The berries will take a few years to be ready to be picked, but still a year ahead of schedule.

We cleaned out 6 tons of old farm equipment from the back of the property line. So many of the trees had been choked out by vines and were dead, dying, and overall, unsafe, so we took them down. We cleared the whole property line with our chipper that hooks up to the back of the tractor and then had a fence put in.

Our next plan of attack is to put some lattice down the long side of the fence and plant some loofah’s. Then we’ll take the 872 board feet of fresh cut cedar planks we won at auction and build planter boxes for our berries.

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