Pumpkins Galore!

Pumpkins Galore!

So, this year, if the u pick does not work for our peaches (trees are in their twilight years and may not have enough for us to do the U-Pick) we will be working on having a pumpkin patch.

We have heard from a lot of friends and family that they have to take a trek to get to a pumpkin patch where their kids can actually pick their pumpkins.  And, having travelled all over the place with our kids – car trips are a great time to listen to the kids, hear what they are saying and in general get some extra time with our very busy kids.  But sometimes, when time is tight, a quick trip fits into our schedules better.  The pumpkins are planted … as you drive by on Beckwith, or visit the orchard keep your eyes out for them this summer.    So lets see how that goes.  We planted a bunch of varieties including Burpee Big Max, Triple Treat, Halloween Blend and a few types of small pumpkins.  We also have a patch of Small Sugar and New England Pie for some fall pumpkin pies.

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